Spell/Charm candles 3pack votive candle set *Sunshine*Heart Healer*Night Magic*


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3 times the charm!! Votive 3pack mix spell charm candles. Each votive candle with specific intentions are made with appropriate colors, and scents. They are topped with herbs and crystals for the intention. Then charmed and charged under corresponding moon phase.
This 3 pack includes-
☀️SUNSHINE..orange and yellow in color. Smells of subtle citrus orange and lemon. Topped with herbal mix and citrine crystal chips.Bring about feelings of happiness and rid of depression and negativity. Increase energy and motivation.
💔HEART HEALER...purple and pink in color. Smells of rose lavender and berry. Topped with herbal mix and rose quartz crystal chips. Help to aid in a hurting heart and increase self worth and love.
🌜NIGHT MAGIC..Purple and midnight blue in color. Smells of moon flower and lilac. Topped with herbal mix and amethyst quartz crystal chips. Find the answers you seek in dreams and rid nightmares.
**please use with fire safety in mind**burn on candle plate or in votive cup**keep burning candle free of objects**never leave lit candle unattended!!**

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