Amethyst mini dream dts, Chevron dream amethyst points, Double terminated crystal, Healing stone, rieki, third eye chakra


Shipping to United States: $3.95

**This listing is for one mini dream chevron amethyst 1-2in length intuitively selected**

✨️💜✨️positively hypnotic!!✨️💜 double terminated allows for the calming energy vibration to flow through!!✨️
💜A natural tranquilizer! 💜
💜⭐Amethyst is considered a powerful stone for psychic ability and vision enhancement.🔮 It is great for the intuition, astral travel, and communication with spirit guides because of its tranquil like frequency.
⭐💜Chevron Amethyst or Dream Amethyst 💜💜 are a spellbinding purple with bands of white quartz throughout. This combination forms a harmonizing vibration and strong sense of psychic protection.⭐💜⭐ Brings about healing for anxiety and aids in self discovery. Positively hypnotic!💜
**Please keep in mind that crystals are unique, individual, and a natural earth made product! Therefore not all surfaces may be without flaws or natural discolorations and indentations.***

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