Crystal Candle Spell Candle Intention Candle Citrine Aura Quartz Shine


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12 Oz jasmine vanilla scented crystal candle in jar with corresponding colors herbs and oils. Be your best you!

Sunshine Aurs quartz/citrine crystal enhances feelings of joy and confidence and vibrates on the sun's frequency allowing you to radiate your best energy.

Angel Aura Quartz maintains your auras energy and promotes peace and spiritual guidance to keep you balanced.

Glass sun cobochon is a symbol of the sun's strong and radiant power.

**please keep fire safety in mind at all times**do not leave burning candle unattended**place burning candle where it will be free of clutter**do not burn more than 4 hours at a time**trim wick before each use**items in Candle could be flammable and may be removed or kept free of flame**

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